Unix Programmers ! Forget vi, remove emacs !

mbedit is a Multi Platform Editor with - macro option - command history buffer - online calculator - hex editor - syntax highlighting - file compare - and many other features. In fact, it's an Intel AEDIT clone, available for some common operating systems as: MS-DOS, Windows, os/9, unix. The program package is written in ANSI-c and is easy to port to different platforms: - MS-DOS (Microsoft) - Windows (Microsoft) - os-9 (Microware) - os-9000 (Power PC) - unix - Motorola System V Rel. 4 - DEC unix/ultrix - Silicon Graphics IRIX - sun os (GNU c-Compiler) - SCO-Unix - linux - OSF/1 - hp-ux - QNX - ... The manual is available in german and english as well, see documentation. Starters, please read the chapter 2. Installation (Example: Linux) 2. Installation (Beispiel: Linux) and then 3. Express Operating Instructions 3. Express-Bedienungs-Anleitung To adapt the software to your own system, see the chapter 11. Port to other Platforms 11. Portierung auf andere Umgebungen Have fun, Michael Braun