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Supported Languages / File Types (so far...)

Language Reference Source
Ada Reserved Words Grammatech
ASCII Text ASCII character codes ASCII Table
Assembler 8051 Reference Manual The University of Warwick
Assembler 80x86 Operating Instructions Radisys
Batch Files (MS-DOS) Command List The Thelen Channel
C (ANSI-C) Keywords
C Language Keywords
the abdus salam international centre for theoretical physics
C++ Keywords K-Zone
C# The Keywords The Code Project
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Property Index
Descriptor Index
PHP Freaks
Fortran Fortran 77 Language Reference
Fortran 90 keywords
XL Fortran for AIX - Language Reference
sun microsystems
Centre interuniversitaire de Calcul de Toulouse
HTML SelfHTML Elementreferenz Teamone (Stefan Münz)
INI Files (MS Windows) Windows Registry / Ini File Functions The Scarms
Java Language Fundamentals Java Certification Preparation Site
Javascript Keywords
Quick Reference
Keywords Reference
Wellesley College
Eastern Mediterranean University
Kotlin Keywords
Matlab Function Reference
The MathWorks
Marco de la Cruz
mbedit.mac mbedit Macro File Michael Braun
mbedit.syn mbedit Syntax File Michael Braun
Modula-2 Reserved Words (Keywords) Trinity Western University
Oberon Keywords Briner Computerscience
Pascal Keywords (GNU Pascal) Università di Udine
PEARL Language Report Universität Hannover
Perl Perl builtin Functions
Perl Functions in Alphabetical Order
Perl Keywords.dat, O'Reilly
Perl in a nutshell, O'Reilly
Perl 5,
PL/M 386 Programmer's Guide Radisys
PL/M 51 Users's Guide Manta-Rays, Intel
Processing Keywords
Python Keywords
Shell Scripts (Unix) textcommon.c Apple Developer Connection
SQL SQL Key Words
VHDL VHDL Keywords Accolade
Visual Basic Language Keywords Microsoft

Will be continued further on ...