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Sensor Recording

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Readout, display and record smartphone sensor data


Sensor Recording - Search

Search (and find) a previously stored position, e.g. a car on a large parking area. This function shows continuously the direction and distance to the wanted place. By entering a comment into the white field, the current position can be named and taken over as position to go. With the spinner below, one of the previously stored positions can be selected as new target position.

The display contains some numerical data and a graphic. This shows a compass rose, including a speed vector (showing the course over ground) and a bearing vector, which points into the direction to go. The length of the respective vector depends upon the speed or the distance to go, respectively. The functioning of the compass rose requires that sensor 3 (orientation) is switched ON.

Please note that the compass rose is adjusted according to the orientation of the smartphone, which in turn is measured by the magnetic sensor. However, the magnetic field may be interfered inside a vehicle. Therefore, the orientation of the graphic switches to the course over ground vector, if the speed exceeds a certain threshold (30 km/h).

The graphic field contains some additional information: SOG=Speed Over Ground, TTG=Time To Go, ETA=Estimated Time of Arrival. These figures only make sense, if you are moving with constant speed directly towards your destination.

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