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Sensor Recording

Discover your Android Smartphone!

Readout, display and record smartphone sensor data


Sensor Recording - Graphic

Here we see two drawing areas on top of each other (in portrait mode) or side by side (in landscape mode).

These are two time diagrams of separately selectable sensors. Each of them shows 3 values x, y, z for the three-dimensional sensor types (accelerometer etc.), 1 value for the others (e.g. temperature). The geo location sensor has 4 values: alt(itude), cog, sog and acc(uracy).

Both diagrams are self-adapting their scale to the current values.

screenshot screenshot

Since version 1.89, there is the microphone level available and since version 1.91, the spectrum as well. The sampling frequency can be selected in the Config menu.

screenshot screenshot

Since version 1.97, there is a spectrum over time (waterfall display with pseudo-colours). The example below shows some seconds from the intro of "Child in Time" from Deep Purple.

screenshot screenshot