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Sensor Recording

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Readout, display and record smartphone sensor data


Sensor Recording - Data

Shows the current local time, the last values of the location sensor (GPS or network) and the active sensor data as numerical values in a table (1 or 3 values, depending upon the sensor type). Inactive or non-existing sensors are marked with "--", invalid data are displayed as "??".

The position is displayed in colour if the source is "network" instead of "gps". Please note that the speed (sog = speed over ground) is shown in km/h, whereas in the data file it is recorded in m/s - the original sensor unit. The data Android refers to as bearing, is in fact representing the course (cog = course over ground). At a standstill, it is undefined.

In the lower part of the screen, some important battery info is displayed, such as charge level, voltage, temperature, etc.

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