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Sensor Recording

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Readout, display and record smartphone sensor data


Sensor Recording - Sensors

Two buttons labelled "Start" and "Stop" activate and deactivate the sensor data recording in the background. Once started, it remains activated, even if the app is closed or the phone is switched to standby mode. In the stopped mode, there is another button "Read back Data", with which previously recorded data can be reloaded into the memory.

Below these buttons, the free storage space and the data path are displayed.

A table shows the list of all the sensors available in your smartphone, including sensor type, name, manufacturer, maximum value, resolution, power consumption, version, class, and possibly minimum delay. The sensor list is also written to the ASCII file "SensorProperties.csv". Every read/write process on the storage will be indicated by a short text message.

From version 3.04 there is the possibility of replaying recorded data. The replay data can be displayed in all pages. As of version 8.25, the replay speed can be adjusted in menu "Config" or with the volume controls.

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