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Sensor Recording

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Readout, display and record smartphone sensor data


Sensor Recording - Cockpit

This display simulates an airplane cockpit - as good as possible. The restrictions are:
- course = course over ground (GPS) unequal heading.
- speed = speed over ground (GPS) unequal IAS (indicated air speed).
- altitude = height above MSL (Mean Sea Level) is derived from air pressure, if such a sensor is available - and after entering the present QNH in the "Panel" menu. As a makeshift, the altitude from the GPS is used.
- climb rate is derived from altitude.
- The clock always shows UTC.
- rate of turn is derived from heading (orientation).

The display is intended for testing purposes only, not for active navigation in flight. Attention! Relying on speed can lead to stalling, especially in tailwind conditions.

For this reason, this display should only be used in replay mode in order to analyze flight maneuvers subsequently.

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